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Friday, March 30, 2007

What Time Do You Call This, Then?

I wrote – well, perhaps I shouldn’t count up just how many months ago – that I sometimes make bad decisions. I make bad predictions, too, as in that immediately previous post about what you might expect from this blog, I claimed there’d be proper Doctor Who commentary along shortly. There wasn’t, obviously, but I have good reason to think (I say cagily) that there will be soon.

You’ll have gathered that my past half-year hasn’t been conducive to a lot of writing. Some sad events took place, some other things went wrong, some more things got on top of me, and in the last months of last year, I ground to a halt. When last I posted here, September had just been consumed by Liberal Democrat Conference and related matters, but it was followed by a horrible Autumn. A large part of that involved injuries to my right arm, which made it very difficult to type even when I was feeling sociable. So, my health has been even more ludicrous than usual, but after months of having problems using my arm, the physiotherapy had just got to the point where I could start some proper typing again when my glasses fell apart, a couple of months ago. It took a while to get an optician’s appointment, then for the glasses to be made up… Then the prescription was slightly wrong in one eye, so I had to wait for a re-test, then sent them off to for a lens to be replaced. So while I’ve gradually got back into the flow of writing my main Love and Liberty blog, I’ve not been in the best position to watch old Doctor Who episodes while typing interesting things about them.

I hope all that’s about to change. Although jumping ahead four decades from where I’m up to here, there’s a new series of Doctor Who beginning in 24 hours’ time, and I’m rather excited. It seems an appropriate moment, and my levels of enthusiasm are rising…

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